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Calming Your Anxiety: Why You Need a Newborn Care Specialist

Having a baby is the happiest, most exciting time in a family’s life. But it can also be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. Whether you’re a single mom, parenting with a partner, or have family nearby to help, any parent can benefit from hiring a newborn care specialist.

Newborn care specialists, also known as baby nurses or night nurses, are certified and trained in caring for newborn babies and offering prenatal support. Our specialists at With Grace can help new parents through not just the newborn stage (about the first 8 weeks of the baby’s life), but also during the last few months of pregnancy by accompanying moms-to-be to their doctor appointments and preparing to bring the baby home. Depending on your needs, our specialists can help with breastfeeding support and guidance, establishing a sleep schedule and sleep training, maintaining detailed development logs, and more. You can also choose which schedule works best for you, whether that’s hourly daytime shifts, overnight help, or 24-hour care.

While spending money on full-time care might seem like a luxury, newborn care specialists aren’t just reserved for the uber wealthy. If you’re still on the fence about hiring a baby nurse, here is why you and your family should have professional care for your newborn — especially if you’re a first-time parent.

Why You Should Hire a Newborn Care Specialist

  • They help relieve anxiety for first-time parents. Even if you’ve read every book and article on what to expect during pregnancy, giving birth, and welcoming a baby home, nothing can really prepare you for what that experience is like first-hand. Along with the happiness and excitement, you might be a little scared, and that’s totally normal. Unfortunately, babies don’t come with instruction manuals, which is why our specialists are here to help. They are trained and certified in treating newborns and have the experience to properly and safely care for your baby, offering you peace of mind.

  • You can get some sleep. People have probably already joked with you about enjoying getting sleep now because you won’t get any when the baby arrives. While every baby is different, it’s true that newborns only sleep for a couple hours at a time during the night the first few weeks of their life. And not getting enough sleep won’t just make you cranky; lack of sleep can negatively impact your motor skills, productivity, and mental health. In fact, chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to memory issues, accidents, trouble concentrating, weakened immunity, and poor balance, according to Healthline — all of which can be detrimental when caring for a newborn. A specialist can care for your baby overnight, soothe a colicky baby, and ensure that you get a full night’s rest.

  • They can help set a sleep schedule. Speaking of getting proper sleep, our specialists can help initiate a sleep schedule for your baby and aid in sleep training. It may seem overwhelming to get your baby to eventually sleep through the night, let alone get on a regular sleep schedule, and our specialists are here to help.

  • You can recover from giving birth. Whether you gave birth vaginally or with a C-section, bringing life into the world can take a tremendous toll on your body. You need to prioritize your own personal recovery, which is difficult while also taking care of a newborn. If you don’t get enough rest and overexert yourself, you may put yourself at risk of injury. Our specialists can tend to your baby at times you need to focus on your rest and recovery.

  • They can help with prenatal care. You might be hyperfocused on having help once the baby arrives, but our specialists offer prenatal support as well. This means they can accompany you to doctor appointments and ask questions you may not think to. They can also make sure you are equipped for your hospital stay, to give birth, and help organize the nursery for when the baby arrives.

  • They can help identify any health issues. Although no one wants to think about what could go wrong, the sad reality is that about 3,500 infants die each year from Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUID), according to Parents magazine. Our specialists can help monitor your baby’s health and be on alert for any potential health complications or abnormalities. They will also ensure that your baby’s crib and sleep setup is safe, healthy, and meets the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations.

Newborn care specialists are here to navigate a joyful, yet overwhelming and exhausting time in your life. With Grace can connect you with the right specialist to care for your baby and fit the needs of your family through all stages of your parenting journey.


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