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With Grace values their nannies and strives to match them with fulfilling and rewarding placements that works for them, just as much as we look to make matches for our families. Our goal is to help you find a job you love, that matches your specialties, experience, and personality with a loving family in need of your expertise.

Join Our Team of Elite Childcare Professionals

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You will interview with a member of the With Grace Talent Acquisition Team, so you can share your specialities, specific certifications and unique experiences, and let us know the type of work you are looking for.

We will then match you with a family looking for the type of unique qualities you possess, ensuring successful placement. We will assist in negotiating your contract and salary, and any specific requirements or conditions you might have regarding your employment with the client. We are continually seeking nurturing, trustworthy, reliable specialists to assist our clients in their family’s journey.

Hiring Process

Interview for a nanny role at With Grace Care

Nanny Application

We pride ourselves on offering the most elite child care professionals in the New York Metro area, New Jersey, and South Florida. With Grace is looking for only the most professional and experienced specialists, who show pride in their work, and are enthusiastic and caring. If this sounds like you click on the application below to get started!

Who Are We Looking For?

hire elite chilcare professionals in New York City

Once your new addition is home let our newborn care specialists gift you the luxury of peace of mind.  Also commonly referred to as “baby nurses”, these specialists provide support to parents and newborns during their first few weeks.

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