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With Grace Care Household Staffing Agency

Household Staffing

We specialize in finding highly qualified household personnel tailored to your unique needs. Our hallmark values are professionalism, integrity, and trust. 


Whether youre hiring for your first position, or you have a team of household staff, we’ll find the perfect candidates for you.

Who doesn’t love coming home to clean, folded laundry and a house that sparkles? At With Grace, we know your time is precious and the right support staff gives you the freedom to make the most of it. 

Leave the hassle to us! Our advanced screening and matching protocol will help you hire the right person to do the job. Full time, part time, weekly, give us your specifics and we’re on it!

Full Time Housekeepers


Housekeeper Long Island, New York, The Hamptons, Manhattan

You’ve often wondered how you could be in two places at once. Had an idea that vanished before you could explore and execute. A personal assistant would be all that and more – tailored to your needs. Part time or full, PAs can take care of the details, multitasking while you tackle what’s at the fore of your day.

The possibilities are limited only by your needs. Assistants can book travel arrangements, help with gift buying and party/event planning, schedule appointments and source the things you need while you do what you love!

Organized, thinking one step ahead and always discreet, consider the ways a Personal Assistant could add enjoyment to your life by taking care of the little things.

Personal Assistant


Personal Assistant New York City

Good nutrition is an investment in yourself, and nothing of value is easy to do. Let With Grace help find your Personal Chef! Meat and potatoes, vegan, food allergy conscious, eating clean or simply too busy? Busy schedule? Late nights? Large weekend gathering?

Full time or part time, a personal chef can plan menus, stock, and run your kitchen to suit your family’s individual needs.

Some live in, some live out. Some work with other clients simultaneously, others have exclusive arrangements. It’s all up to you. We can introduce you to highly qualified, experienced chefs to suit and elevate your unique lifestyle.

Personal Chef


Personal Chef Manhattan New York
Contact With Grace Care

Contact Us

One step closer to finding your family’s saving grace.

Looking for a Household Property or Estate Manager? You’ll be wanting a person with experience managing basic landscape, plumbing and electrical systems, possibly managing your team of maintenance staff. 

Live in, live out, part or full time, With Grace will pre-screen candidates, introducing only those who fit your individual property’s needs. Candidates must be able to seamlessly make simple repairs or source the correct professional for complex issues that may arise. All references will be verified, with necessary background checks in place.

Estate Manager


Estate Manager The Hamptons Long Island New York
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