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Busting Popular Myths about Nanny Agencies

When new parents come to us, they have many misconceptions about full-service baby nurse and nanny agencies and how we work. This blog busts the most popular myths that we come across.

Myth 1: Newborn nurses and nanny agencies are too expensive While several agencies charge nannies an application fee, With Grace do not charge nanny applicants. Many nanny agencies charge an initial search fee just to start the process but With Grace is one of the few agencies that only charge once the family finds their perfect nanny and hires the nanny.

As an agency committed to finding and connecting expert child care assistance with growing families, we select only qualified nannies, who meet our strict requirements and screening process. Our baby nurses and newborn care specialists and nannies are invested in their careers and are looking for the right family to work for. These nannies come with a high retention rate, and may even stay with a family for 2 years or even longer! That makes the initial cost completely worth the service. Working with an agency like With Grace Care guarantees a replacement period.

Myth 2: Pre-Determined Salaries

Many parents want to know the salary for a nurse or a nanny. What you should be asking about is the going rate for nannies in your city, schedule, and desired tasks. As an agency, we don’t pre-determine rates for our nannies.

When professional nannies apply to us, we discuss their salary history and future expectations. Their salaries vary but would likely fall within the average rates that nannies earn in your area.

Myth 3: Nanny agencies try to get higher salaries to get higher placement fee

While placement fees may be based on a percentage of the nanny's annual salary, quality agencies match you with a nanny within your budget. The family decides the ultimate salary offer and the nanny chooses to accept or deny the offer.

The agency strives to find you the right fit. A lot of our business depends on word-of-mouth and referrals and a few hundred dollars is not worth the risk of losing our clients!

Myth 4: You can easily do it on your own

This is a most common misconception. Yes, you can search online, post nanny ads and receive applications, but nanny agencies present a definite advantage.

In addition to presenting you with fully screened and qualified candidates, we understand the nanny industry in your neighborhood and city. We know their interests, goals and opinions. This is instrumental in matching you with the right nanny and ensuring long term retention.

Don’t forget that finding the right baby nurse, newborn care specialist or nanny for your baby is an extremely time-consuming process. Most working parents do not have the time to post ads, schedule several interviews, and speak with the applicants’ references. With Grace Care specialists do all that for you, so that you can find the right fit in a reasonable amount of time.

A trustworthy baby nurse and nanny agency can also help you with better selection, a happy dedicated nanny, and longer retention.

If you have more questions or you simply want to understand the process better, call us at (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you hire newborn care specialists and nannies in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.


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