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Why do Parents Hire a Baby Nurse or Night Nurse?

Is a baby nurse or new born care specialist (NCS) right for our baby? How will my baby benefit from a baby nurse? Can we afford hiring a baby nurse?

Many new parents ask these questions. Let’s take a quick look at a few benefits you should consider when making the decision about hiring a baby or night nurse for your baby.

Benefits of Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse)

A Rested Mom A Happy Mom and Happy Baby

A baby is one of the biggest changes in your routine as well as your life. Everything is new with a baby, and it’s probably the farthest you would feel from your regular routine. You’re excited, tired and overwhelmed, all at the same time. However, a baby professional can help.

Whether you are hiring a baby nurse to take care of your baby so you can sleep through the night or you need your energy back as you recover from a C-section, you will definitely be able to get enough rest and recover quickly. This is great for your baby too. As a well-rested, energetic mom, you can spend better quality time with your new baby and provide quality care during the rest of the day

In addition, hiring a skilled baby nurse means a seasoned professional is looking closely after your newborn, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Education and Support

Trained baby nurses or newborn care specialists, referred by trusted, professional nanny agencies, such as With Grace Care Specialists, bring with them years of experience. They know how to help new moms breastfeed, set up a sleep schedule and fulfill the baby’s needs. A baby nurse can also help you with difficult situations like calming a fussy baby, dealing with colic, and taking care of a preemie or multiples. Baby nurses not only love caring for infants but they love being an educator and teaching new parents. As a new parent, knowing that you are doing things right by your baby can be a big relief

Value Far Exceeds the Cost

The biggest questions parents have when considering a baby nurse is cost and privacy. The cost of hiring a newborn care specialist is typically slightly higher than that of hiring a nanny, but the value you get is unparalleled. Many parents realize this after they and their baby have fallen into an unhealthy routine or developed habits that are hard to change.

Even if you hire a night nurse for a few weeks, adequate rest and laying the foundation for good habits for the baby, such as the right sleep schedule, can be invaluable, according to the parents who hire a baby nurse.

Respect and Privacy

If you have concerns about privacy, know that baby nurses can offer as much or as little support as you need. They know when to step in and offer their assistance, but also respect your privacy and allow time for family bonding. Usually after just one day, parents rest easy knowing that their baby is being well cared for. Your peace of mind and rest can only help you in spend better quality time with your new baby.

If you have more questions or you simply want to understand the process of hiring a night nurse for your newborn or nanny for child care in Manhattan NY, call us at (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you hire newborn care specialists and nannies in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Hamptons. Alternatively, if you looking for hourly nanny jobs or newborn care specialist jobs in NYC or Long Island, apply HERE to join our team of elite child care professionals.


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