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Working From Home With Kids Can Be a Struggle — Here’s How With Grace Can Help

To say the last year has turned everyone’s lives upside down would be an understatement. As we’ve embraced our new normal — wearing masks, social distancing, using hand sanitizer 100 times a day — this also extends to your day-to-day schedule, especially your work situation. If you’re like the millions of other Americans who have shifted to working from home during the pandemic, it might be particularly difficult with kids at home.

Whether you have school-aged kids who are doing remote learning or small children who need time and attention during the day, With Grace can help make your work-from-home plan go smoothly for your family. With Grace offers home educators who can help keep your kids on track with their school schedule and assignments, and nannies to watch the little ones while you and your partner are working from home. Find out more about With Grace’s services below to determine if one of our specialists is a right fit for your family.

Why Your Family Might Need a Nanny

  • Your kids need to be watched while you work. If your kids aren’t yet in school, or are only learning for part of the day, they still need someone to watch them while you and your partner are working full-time. Even if your work schedule is flexible, you can’t be there for them all day while you are on meetings, calls, and working on your own projects. Our qualified nannies are trained to care for kids of all ages and are available on a part-time basis if you just need someone for a few hours a day.

  • You want someone more hands-on than daycare. Daycare might not be right for your family; our nannies offer more specialized and one-on-one care for your child. Nannies really become part of the family and get to know your children on a more personal level, becoming familiar with their personalities, schedules, and commitments. Nannies can also take your children to doctor’s appointments and extracurricular activities if you aren’t available. Plus, our nannies will keep your child occupied and help them learn with educational and creative projects to fill their days rather than plopping them in front of screens.

  • You aren’t certain about the future of your WFH plan. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. Even if you had previously worked in an office, your workplace might not yet have a plan in place of when you will return — you might even continue to work from home permanently. Our nannies are available on a short-term or long-term availability so you can hire someone that fits your family’s schedules best. Also, a live-in nanny is also an option if you need more around-the-clock care.

Why Your Kids Might Need a Home Educator

  • They are doing remote learning. As children have shifted to remote learning amid the pandemic, whether full-time or a couple times a week, it may be hard to keep them on track with their school assignments and schedule if you are also working full-time from home. The reality is, kids weren’t meant to stare at screens all day and work by themselves at home rather than engage with a teacher and other kids in the classroom. Our home educators can establish a more structured classroom setup for optimal learning. They can also make sure your child stays on track with their classes, help them with their homework, and assist them in submitting assignments through their classroom’s portals properly. We can connect you with a home educator who is specialized in the grades your children are in (you’re not the only parent confused by Common Core math!).

  • They are falling behind (or at risk). It’s not uncommon for kids to have fallen behind in their lessons over the last year as they have had to learn primarily from home. Maybe their grades have slipped or they just feel like they aren’t caught up with what they should be learning in their grade, but our home educators can help them get back on track with private tutoring. It’s harder to ask teachers important questions about assignments or lessons with remote learning, which is where our educators come in. They have the subject-specific expertise to make sure your kids can improve their grades and have the necessary knowledge to advance to the next grade.

  • They aren’t getting enough one-on-one attention in school. Teachers are true heroes and have been especially important during the pandemic to make sure our children continue to learn at home. However, it is incredibly difficult to give each child one-on-one attention when all learning is done over Zoom and online portals. If your child has any questions or needs help with their assignments, our educators are here to help.


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